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increase index value size in Cassandra (32bit->64bit)
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Our Cassandra schema is using int data type for the tile indexes. The 31bit (+signed) int limits us to zoom15 (4^15 is a 30bit value)

We could either store all indexes as 64bit ints, or we could have two tables - 32bit for zoom<=15, and 64bit for >15.

Do we want to save one more byte here and go with two tables? Guestimating about 70m tiles, so 70MB more of pure data, plus whatever's extra?

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Honestly, I would keep things simple & just go for 64-bit ints. There are bigger performance wins / losses to be had with compression, for example. For PNGs, it might be most efficient to disable compression, or choose the very lightest-weight compression available. See

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