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Echo: Visiting Special:Notifications should not change any notification's "read" status
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If the user has unread notifications, going to Special:Notifications to see the list should not mark any notification as read, but only as 'seen'.

In the popup, the 'read' status goes away only when you clicked the notification - which takes you not to the Special:Notifications list but to the source of the notification itself. Going to Special:Notifications, then, shouldn't mark the notification as 'read' at all.

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This is for messages specifically right? We still need a no-JS way to mark notifications as read....

Yeah, alerts are marked as read when they're seen, so that will remain consistent between the popup and the Special:Notifications page. Messages, however, can be unread while still seen, so it doesn't make sense to mark them as read when you visit the Special:Notifications page.