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Setup a way to store secrets and access them from puppet inside the Tool Labs project
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For k8s auth passwords and perhaps SSL certs in the future.

Probably be doable with a a puppetmaster for the project. Must verify that non-root users can't get access to the secrets even in the labs puppetmaster roles.

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Should basically track production branch as closely as possible (faster git pulls maybe?)

Can we solve this using just ssh auth? We already have host-based auth infra in place, after all.

Otoh, having a generic secure storage also sounds like a good plan.

What's the purpose of this? If it's just a one-time job when setting up a new Kubernetes host, doing it manually seems acceptable to me (and much less work than setting up a non-leaking Puppet master); we do that already for the proxy servers as well.

  1. Adding user accounts - need to be added in the central apiserver and provision password on each user's homedir. Can't do it like we do for since the k8s master server has no nfs.
  2. TLS certs for each nodes.

So the webproxy is only one thing that doesn't change and has to be on only two places, while this is a bit more dynamic.

As I wrote in T107993#1567549:

You don't need to involve NFS (directly). You can set up the certificate generator on any machine as a HTTP/whatever service, do the auth* via is_in_tools_project($IP) && identd($IP, $port) and then let the "client" write it to the local disk (which will probably be NFS :-)).

But a certificate generator certainly requires a process maintaining a certificate revocation list and distributing it to where it needs to be.

That is a lot more complexity than just setting up a private puppetmaster
:) we also shouldn't be doing any extra, non upstreamable pieces in the
infrastructure if we can help it, and I definitely think an authenticating
proxy falls in that category.

Also not doing TLS client certificates right now - not sure how much
kubernetes supports revocation checking. Will move to that in the next
couple of months though :)

I'm not seeing a less bad way of doing it offhand. It might perhaps be possible to actually do it the way by having labstore* do it asynchronously? This wouldn't require k8s do have NFS mounts itself.

How would we be able to do it in labstore without k8s having nfs? The credentials will have to be generated somwehere (k8s master or labstore) and then securely transferred to the other... Not sure if that is simpler.

I should think it fairly easy to transfer credentials to the k8s master from labstore (rsync, or something else); but that's an extra piece of home-spun software to maintain.

(It might actually be worthwhile to see if the mysql system could be generalized, however, given that we now have at least three use case for "need to generate credentials per-uid in labs and distribute to the user and the service")

Indeed, it's 'another piece of home-spun software' that I hope we do not have.

@Joe suggested we just have a private repo on labs puppetmaster, which I highly approve of!

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Change 243800 had a related patch set uploaded (by Yuvipanda):
tools: Add puppetmaster/client roles

Change 243800 merged by Yuvipanda:
tools: Add puppetmaster/client roles

Ok, there's now tools-puppetmaster-01 setup to serve as puppetmaster for the k8s master node, two workers and the dynamicproxies!

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Add a modulepath for secrets to the self hosted puppetmaster's config somewhow or
  2. Make the secrets as local cherrypicks on top of the labs-private repo

I vastly prefer #1 in this case.

We should also replicate the private puppetmaster setup in palladium, which has;

  1. Source repo in /root/private
  2. A post commit hook that pushes it to /var/lib/git/<whatever>
  3. A post commit hook that pushes it to /var/lib/git/<whatever> on second host as well

With modulepath, what happens when one makes a local clone of the puppet tree?

Change 244827 had a related patch set uploaded (by Yuvipanda):
puppet: Have a 'secret' repository for self hosted puppetmasters

Change 244827 merged by Yuvipanda:
puppet: Have a 'secret' repository for self hosted puppetmasters

Done! (ish!). Still needs I think to figure out how to make hiera also look at the secret repo for files...

Change 244841 had a related patch set uploaded (by Yuvipanda):
hiera: Add support for 'secret' datadir

Change 244841 merged by Yuvipanda:
hiera: Add support for 'secret' datadir

There's no secret repo on the labs puppetmaster and that seems to be ok.

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