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Initial Deployment of Kubernetes to Tool Labs
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Tracking ticket for initial deployment of Kubernetes to Tool Labs.

The initial deployment will allow whitelisted tools to run arbitrary docker containers in NFS-free instances directly via the kubectl tool.

Should have:

  1. Debian packages
  2. Authentication setup
    1. Helper scripts to create authentication tokens and namespace
  3. Authorization setup
    1. ABAC rules to restrict users to their own namespace only
  4. DNS for services, available from rest of toollabs
  5. Webproxy from<toolname> to a running webservice container, if there is one.
    1. Define what are web services and what are not.

Things that will be missing:

  1. NFS access - Kubernetes doesn't allow gid to be specified explicitly, preventing us from writing an admission controller for this
  2. One-off jobs
  3. Scheduled jobs (cron-like)
  4. Compatibility layer for current commands (jsub, webservice, jstart)
  5. Custom docker image building + local docker repository

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I've an etcd + k8s master setup on tools-k8s-master-01 and worker nodes on tools-worker-01 and tools-worker-02 running \o/. Flannel is hitting etcd over https, and all binaries are deployed via debian packages.

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Joe added a subscriber: Joe.Sep 14 2015, 7:07 AM is now running on kubernetes! \o/ So is grrrrit-wm.

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I think this is done - despite DNS not working yet :)

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