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Cannot remove invalid members from cohort
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Firefox-only bug

When trying to remove an invalid user from a cohort nothing happens. The console reports "event is not defined" on line 63 of cohortMembership.js

To reproduce:

  1. Select a cohort (with at least one invalid/partially valid member)
  2. View members
  3. Filter by invalid users
  4. Select remove invalid or remove

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It actually works in production, but it's really slow (this is due to the database having too many users, we'll try and clean that up and maybe add some indices).

I still get the "event is not defined" error in the js (running Firefox 48.0 on Ubuntu)

do you mind trying it on Chrome to see if that's the issue? It seems to be fine for me on both. What version of Ubuntu?

Tried it on Chrome now. It works there so seems to be a Firefox specific bug.

Running Ubuntu 14.04

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Change 307291 had a related patch set uploaded (by Milimetric):
Fix js error in cohort member removal

Change 307291 merged by Milimetric:
Fix js error in cohort member removal