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Notification: the counter for Messages that come from updates on User talk page in wikitext is not updated correctly.
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The issue seems to be limited only to notification messages that come for any updates on User talk pages.

  1. Login as user A who has a wikitext User talk page; go to the User talk page and stay on the page.
  2. In a different browser , login as user B and go to user A talk page to leave a message.
  3. For user A refresh his User talk page - the counter for Message notifications will display the count of updates(on a blue background) that user B has done.
  4. Click on the Message notification icon - the overlay will be displayed, and the counter will change to '0' but it'd be displayed on a blue background.

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Change 240899 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mooeypoo):
Update seen time only if the popup is actually open

Change 240899 merged by jenkins-bot:
Update seen time only if the popup is actually open

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