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Delete ruby2.0lint job and only run bundle-rubocop job for repositories with Ruby code
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For repositories with Ruby code, we are running both bundle-rubocop and ruby2.0lint jobs.


Rubocop documentation says:


Lint cops check for possible errors and very bad practices in your code. RuboCop implements in a portable way all built-in MRI lint checks (ruby -wc) and adds a lot of extra lint checks of its own. You can run only the lint cops like this:

$ rubocop -l

The -l/--lint option can be used together with --only to run all the enabled lint cops plus a selection of other cops.

Disabling any of the lint cops is generally a bad idea.

Looks like we can delete ruby2.0lint job and only run bundle-rubocop job.

The question for @dduvall and @hashar: do you think there is a side effect of only running rubocop?

There is a chance that a bug in rubocop will miss a problem in ruby code that ruby -c would catch, but how likely is that?

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As far as I remember, during one of browser tests triage meetings, @hashar, @dduvall and me have agreed to move only rubocop jobs to nodepool instances.

Change 251979 had a related patch set uploaded (by Zfilipin):
Run Ruby jobs using Rake

Change 251979 merged by jenkins-bot:
Run Ruby jobs using Rake