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Create a Phab project to tag meetings in #wikimedia-office with
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Phab's event tooling is actually pretty cool, and could be a much better way of scheduling use of #wikimedia-office than using the page on meta. One really neat thing is that, if you know the right query, you can generate a calendar with all of the events given a tag:

I would happily tag all of #mediawiki-rfcs meetings with a tag if I knew what to use, I knew it was documented, and I wasn't the only one doing it.

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What would be a good project name? IRC-Meetings ?

Also, this would obviously require updating documentation (as creating a project does not automatically make people aware of it and start using it). at least.

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@RobLa: What would be a good project name? IRC-Meetings ?

IRC-Meetings would work pretty well. Thanks @Luke081515 for taking this up!

Asked in #wikimedia-operations:

17:57 < Luke081515> robla: I got still one question ;): Which type of project do you want? component?
17:58  * robla looks
17:59 < robla> Luke081515: seems like a tag to me
18:00 < Luke081515> robla: OK, I will add this to the task.

So the requested type is a tag. I will create it in a few minutes.

Luke081515 mentioned this in IRC-Meetings.

Created IRC-Meetings for you. Feel free to edit tag decription if needed.

Thanks @Luke081515! I've updated the description to read as follows:

This tag is for all Phabricator events that have an anticipated IRC component (e.g. office hours on #wikimedia-office)