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reclaim tmh2* as spares or into mw* pool
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So the tmh systems in eqiad have been reinstalled into mw* (though no one put in a ticket to replace the labels, so I'll make a sub-task for chris off this task.) The codfw systems were renamed from tmh1-2, to tmh2001-2002. We'll need to reclaim to spares, or reclaim into mw* pool.

I'll need to compare the tmh specs to the mw pool specs and ensure they match. If they do, we'll need to check if the codfw mw pool needs more sysetms than currently allocated or not, and then push these to mw* or spares.

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Indeed, thx for the linking (I've now resolved the second of the two due to link ;)

These are identical to the other mw* systems in codfw, so it makes sense to simply append these to the end of the mw system range and use them. (I'll create the onsite tasks shortly, as well as the new dns entries for mgmt.)