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Echo is passing wrong type for eventId
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I noticed this on the new EventLogging error dashboard. We are second-worst in schemas with errors.

It is passing a string for eventId where integer is expected:

u'341802' is not of type u'integer'
3226394 EventLogging {"event":{"version":"1.5","eventId":"341802","notificationType":"welcome","notificationGroup":"positive","sender":"-1","recipientUserId":3810264,"recipientEditCount":0,"deliveryMethod":"web"},"schema":"Echo","revision":7731316,"clientValidated":false,"wiki":"mediawikiwiki","recvFrom":"mw1007","timestamp":1445450213,"webHost":"","userAgent":"curl/7.35.0"}

Event Timeline

Change 247892 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm):
EventLogging: Make sure eventId is an integer

Change 247892 merged by jenkins-bot:
EventLogging: Make sure eventId is an integer

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SBisson moved this task from Untriaged to QA Review on the Collaboration-Team-Archive-2015-2016 board.

From - recipientUserId and recipientEditCount do not need explicit converting to int?

Already done:
'recipientEditCount' => (int)$user->getEditCount()

recipientUserId is always integer (per @Legoktm).