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addWikiText breaks multiply transcluded specialpages
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Author: darren.edmundson

If you have a specialpage which uses $wgOut->addWikiText(), as recommended on
.3EaddWikiText.28.29 , and that page is transcluded into a page more than once
(or two such pages are transcluded, etc), then all but the last transclusion
are displayed as the "\07UNIQ-" replacement token rather than the page output.

This appears to be caused by OutputPage::addWikiText requesting the parser
state be cleared after execution, removing the earlier transcluded HTML from
the replacement table before it's actually substituted in the document.

As a workaround for my own use, I've written my own MySpecialPage->addWikiText
() which doesn't clear the state (but may well break other things) - but if
this is the preferred(/documented) way of writing special pages, then it may
need fixing for other people too.

I first saw this when trying to transclude multiple different subpages of my
IncludableSpecialPage, but have since confirmed it happens in the more general
case. Predictably $wgOut->addHTML() does not cause this problem as the parser
is not invoked.

Version: 1.9.x
Severity: normal



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mati wrote:

Probably the cleanest way for getting around this bug without losing the ability to use wiki syntax is writing your own small function that looks something like this:
function addText( $text ) {

global $wgTitle, $wgOut, $wgParser;
$po = $wgParser->parse( $text, $wgTitle, $wgParser->mOptions, false, false );
$wgOut->addHTML( $po->getText() );


Then simply use this function instead of addWikiText.

Just use wfMsgExt with the parse option.

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