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Mirror unmerged changes in Diffusion from Gerrit
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When uploading patches to gerrit, clones the patch it dosent merge it into master branch or which ever branch because the patch hasent been code reviewed but phabricator should do the same since gitblit is deprecated on Wikimedia.

Steps to reproduce**

  • Then click on any open patches.
  • There is a link that says gitblit.

Actual results

  • The gitblit link only takes you to gitblit since it clones the patch but dosent merge it.

Expected results

  • There should be a phabricator link that phabricator should clone but shoulden merge until code reviewed.

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Why? Please provide a usecase describing what you want to accomplish. clones the patch

I have no idea what that means. :(

Well use case is a user wants to view what the whole file looks like or wants to look what other files look like with that file.

and also it clones the patches ones that aren't merged yet such as if you click gitblit it will take you to the diff for the patch.

How is this related to Diffusion and its codebase? As we plan to kill Gerrit anyway.

Well gerrit is killed yet and gitblit is being killed and phabricator is recommended to be used instead. And since gitblit Is currently broken phabricator should do what gitblit was doing cloning patches.

@Paladox Diffusion already mirrors all of the repositories. Are you wanting it to mirror unmerged patches as well?

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