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Document MOOCs on Outreach wiki
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Please help document MOOCs in the Wikimedia Movement by adding summary paragraphs and citations to this page here:

This page here can serve as a guide or a model:

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Is this something that @Paolaricaurte and @MelinaMasnattaWMAR83 are interested in, together with @Esh77? I would love to see some great international collaboration on this one! Let me know if this task is of interest - and feel free to add comments, change the description or create a different MOOC-related task. :)

We have scheduled to meet online December 2nd, 1800 UTC, to discuss this together.
Anyone that would like to join this hangout, is welcome to write me. :)

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Hi Floor!
As Shani´s said, we are already organized for a meeting :)
We keep in touch,
Hugs, Meli

I'd love to take part in these discussions, however I can't make it on the 2nd so pleae let me know what you come up with.

I made this poster to present the aspects fo MOOCs realised by the Education Program for a conference earlier this year

Welcome Sara!
I´m sure that we are going to take some notes from the meeting, I´ll share them with You.
Thanks fort the poster! looks great :) Can we read more information? Is it finished?
Hugs and thanks to be part!

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Assigning this to Shani as the coordinator for this group. But equally appreciative of all the work of @Paolaricaurte, @MelinaMasnattaWMAR83 and @SaraMortsell!

Hello all. :) Were there notes from this call or is there a recording of the meeting to share? Thanks!

Hi @AKoval_WMF yes indeed! @Esh77 has got the link of the recording ;)
Unfortunaly I couldn´t found it right now...sorry! I hope Shani´ll share it again :D

Sorry for the delay, wiki-ladies. :)
Here's the link to our initial talk and here's a link to my[[ | talk with Pete Forsyth ]].
Didn't get a chance to update it on outreach yet, but hope this helps in the meantime.
Will send an invite to our next meeting by the end of this week.

Hi wiki-ladies!
Here it´s the english version of Wikibridges, an innovative distance learning trainning about the Wikimedia´s projects. More than a publication, a hole educational experience about MOOCs in Latam. I hope you enjoy it! @Esh77 @SaraMortsell @Paolaricaurte :)

Declining this task per T247235. Feel free to reopen and assign to yourself if you plan to work on this - thanks!