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CheckUser does not work on 1.10alpha
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Author: sunstarnet.wikipedia

I tried to install CheckUser on my own WAMP server, but could not get it to
work - the old version seemed to be much simpler, without the need for an

How do I fix this??

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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sunstarnet.wikipedia wrote:

I was running WAMP 1.6.6 on Windows XP Home Edition, and could not get it to
work - however, when I was running MW 1.93 on the same WAMP server, using a
previous version of CheckUser, the extension worked.

What do you mean "doesn't work"?

Did you run install.php?

sunstarnet.wikipedia wrote:

I tried install.php by going to C:/wamp/php/php.exe but could not get to my
wiki's directory to install it.

ayg wrote:

If you haven't run the install script, it won't work. If you can't run the
install script for some reason, open a bug for that.

This seems more like some local server permission issue.