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Fix Portuguese translation of "flow-importer-lqt-moved-thread-template"
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The Portuguese text for this message (from T114541#1786914 ?) seems to be incorrect. I think it would be better to replace

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As noted, the message is flow-importer-lqt-moved-thread-template.

We do need to be careful here to avoid red links. It's probably best to wait until T113682: Finish conversion from LQT to Flow on pt.wikibooks is fully done, before updating it in @matthiasmullie is actively working on T113682: Finish conversion from LQT to Flow on pt.wikibooks, which entails re-running the script among other things.

If not, we just need to make sure the state of the wiki is in sync with the expected messages when the script is re-run on ptwikibooks This can be done with just a move leaving redirect of the template (just re-running FlowCreateTemplates would create a duplicate).