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Expose the fact that PWB is available more
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Currently, there's a virtualenv with PWB in /srv/pwb, and it provides the default python. However, this isn't visible to most users. Make this be more visible somehow.

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I assume this task is about:

tools.paws@jupyter-john-vandenberg-3239244:~$ activate                                                                                    
bash: /srv/pwb/bin/activate: Permission denied

No, that's expeceted - you are generally expected to do source /srv/pwb/bin/activate. Also it is already activated by default (try which python), so this isn't about this.

This is about the fact that when you open a terminal it doesn't really make it clear that pwb is installed and how you can run scripts.

I've started a walk through intended for GCI

I suggest adding to the PATH one way or another.

ok, I've added /srv/pwb to path too, so is in path now.

I wanna reword it to be more comprehensive and then close this.

Perhaps we can close this task ? ping @yuvipanda

@Chicocvenancio, what's necessary to fix this task? I understand the main issue is to make easier to know that Pywikibot is available in PAWS, no?