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Interactive graph keeps repainting on mousemove in read mode
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For interactive graph like , once made interactive, the graph rapidly repaints on mouse move. This does NOT happen in the edit preview mode.

Debugging Notes

  • Adding tracing to vega.js prototype.mousemove showed that the object returned from pickEvent kept being different from the active one when moving the mouse within the same large circle.
  • Tracing prototype.pick showed that scene.marktype kept altering between group, path, and text values, whereas in preview it only showed group and path, but not text.

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I think I found the issue - and its with the data, not Vega. API module does not return data "as is" - instead the json formatter removes certain values, such as "blah":false -- because it is identical to not having a value (javascript return undefined). It seems vega actually checks for the value, hence the difference.