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Allow excluding categories on Special:UnusedCategories
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Special:UnusedCategories on Arabic Wikipedia lists all unused categories including redirected categories and empty categories which it is normal that it sometimes is empty (like maintenance, tracking and clean-up categories), which makes maintaining the real empty categories a hard job. We use an alternative solution to this issue by adding these categories to a puppet template to avoid them appearing in the special page.

To solve this issue permanently we want to exclude categories that uses: قالب:تحويل تصنيف (Template:Category redirect) and قالب:تصنيف فارغ (Template:Empty category) from showing on خاص:تصنيفات غير مستخدمة (Special:UnusedCategories).

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @FShbib, thanks for taking the time to report this!

Is this a request for adding non-existing functionality by writing code in MediaWiki (which is not related to Arabic Wikipedia)?
Or is this a request to change the configuration of a Wikimedia site (Arabic Wikipedia; see the documentation for requesting configuration changes) for already existing functionality (which is unrelated to MediaWiki-Special-pages but handled in Wikimedia-Site-requests)?
Thanks for clarifying!

Hi @Aklapper , this issue is English Wikipedia and others too, so I think it is a request for adding non-existing functionality by writing code in MediaWiki. As I mentioned, we use an alternative solution have been discussed for some time in Arabic Wikipedia (here and here), also I find some requests related to issue here on Phapricator.

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Making this a task unrelated to Arabic Wikipedia and only focussing on implementing in MediaWiki. Once this task is resolved, a configuration change request for Arabic Wikipedia can be created.

@Agabi10: Thanks for finding that. If you're sure, feel free to merge via "Edit Related Tasks... > Close As Duplicate".