Support Bibtext format on VE when citing a reference
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I have a request to add Bibtext support on VE when citing a reference (like DOIs or URLs) . This format appears to be used by researchers.
There is already a way to convert DOI to bibtext with Citoid.

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Where would this bibtext go? We edit wikitext, not LaTeX documents…

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I forgot to add details: the idea is to use it with Citoid, like a URL or a DOI.

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So we'd paste in a bibtex citation and then it would convert it to a citation template?

That doesn't really seem like a citoid thing; a gadget maybe?

So you could have a gadget that lets you put in bibtex.

And then you could add a 'bibtex' 'maps' object into the template data to map the bibtex template (like the way we have 'citoid' 'maps' objects) to map between the bibtex parameters and the template parameters.

wikidata example:

citoid example:

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