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Setup varnish endpoint for ORES
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What is the current thinking on this? I.e., on which URL should this live? Should this go on misc-web, or elsewhere?

I should have CC'd @yuvipanda. I transcribed this task from an IRC chat with him.

The last I heard, we were planning to put ORES at <wikidomain>/api/ores/ (e.g.

So, we've done a lot of work since we last thought about varnish endpoints.

We now have several routes that ORES serves.

  • / the homepage and privacy policy
  • /ui/ the reference UI for scoring edits with ORES
  • /v1/scores/ the base of the version 1 scoring API
  • /v2/scores/ the base of the version 2 scoring API

It's only within the scoring APIs that we get wiki project specific. E.g. /v2/scores/enwiki/ will return a list of the available models for English Wikipedia. If we were still going to make an endpoint at, it should roughly reflect that. But in doing so, we'd hide the reference UI from users.

I see two good options.

  1. Add another endpoint to the reference UI for every wiki such that loads the reference UI and loads the base of the scroring API for enwiki.
  2. Stop trying to shoe-horn ORES into a project-specific URL pattern and just host it at something like and allow the #MediaWiki-extension-ORES to include scores within api.php.

With lots of talks with @Halfak, we finally came to an agreement that we want

Change 292542 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alexandros Kosiaris):

Change 292543 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alexandros Kosiaris):
ores: Add varnish backend in the misc cluster

Change 292542 merged by Alexandros Kosiaris:

Change 292543 merged by Alexandros Kosiaris:
ores: Add varnish backend in the misc cluster

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Done. Resolving