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Allow administrators to disable access to a blocked user's watchlist
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As an administrator, I want to optionally disable access to a blocked user's watchlist in much the same way as I can revoke talk page access now. Banned/indefinitely blocked users still use their watchlists and then use socks to edit. See discussion.

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MER-C created this task.Jan 31 2016, 4:47 AM
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The linked discussion doesn't seem to support this task at all.

Earwig added a subscriber: Earwig.Jan 31 2016, 5:23 AM

Not a huge fan of this. None of the other admin blocking powers can disable "reader-focused" features that only affect the user directly (e.g., we can't stop people from browsing pages). Also, it doesn't seem particularly useful.

Agree with Earwig, don't really agree this is a useful feature, nothing stops anyone from browsing or maintaining a list offline anyway.

Aklapper triaged this task as Lowest priority.Jan 31 2016, 3:05 PM
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Yeah, I don't like this idea much either. Although I'm not going to wontfix it right now.

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A watchlist is used for users to keep track of pages they want to follow, and being blocked should not remove the ability of users to follow pages they are interested in. If it is truly needed, locking an account globally should prevent a user from accessing their watchlist, but again, watchlists are reader-oriented features.