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Description calls this.scalable.setDefaultDimensions( {} );, however, does nothing if the dimensions object isn't valid, and {} isn't.

The call is in there since the first revision of MWImageModel (rEVED37b3c07b26bf6df8b80c2ce87e5283977d022b4e), and at the time the call did actually do something. This was changed later in rGVED42c35ddbabdb: Fallback options for receiving bad information into Scalable object.

I have no idea if this is causing any real problems. It's possible that whatever this was meant to do is now being done somewhere else, and it should be removed. It's possible that it should be replaced by a call to clearDefaultDimensions().

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Change 268900 had a related patch set uploaded (by Esanders):
MWImageMode: Use clearDefaultDimensions

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Change 268900 merged by jenkins-bot:
MWImageModel: Use clearDefaultDimensions