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Can't edit a page in frwiki (whilte it's possible on desktop)
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If I open the page "Guernica (Picasso)" in the Wikipedia beta app, I can't edit it ("You don't have the permission to edit..."), even if I'm logged in (the page is semi-protected). However, it works on the stable release and on desktop.

However, the api returns editable true:

    "mobileview": {
        "sections": [],
        "editable": true

Reported at:;TicketID=8976383

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open the Wikipedia beta app
  2. Make sure you're logged in and have an autoconfirmed account
  3. Open the page "Guernica (Picasso)"
  4. Try to edit it

Expected results

The edit view should open

Actual results

An alert window appears, which says that I'm not permitted to edit this page.

Environments observed

App version: 2.1.140-beta-2016-02-04
Android OS versions: Android 6.0
Device model: HTC One M9
Device language: german

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Same problem with all other semi protected pages, such as :

I can edit them in my browser, but not with the "Wikipedia beta" Android app.

@ElComandante Can you try logging out and log in again in the app (and refresh the article)?

@Dbrant: For completeness: I already did that, as well as deleting the data (and therefore the cache to) from the app, logging in again and open the page "the first time" again. Always with the same behaviour.

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