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Link to old name in edit summary of page move should have redirect=no
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The variable $1 in [[MediaWiki:1movedto2]] and [[MediaWiki:1movedto2 redir]] should not redirect users to the new title but should display the redirect page instead. (I mean in the automated edit summary in page history.)



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robchur wrote:

Title::moveOverExistingRedirect() creates a null revision for the page history which contains the text "[[A]] moved to [[B]]", or similar - the first link is to a redirect page, but is a normal link.

The request is to have this link incorporate "redirect=no" somehow.

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Still reproducible on latest master. Quite possibly the only way to easily solve this is to make the comment formatter always use redirect=no for its internal links from the edit summary. That might lead to other undesirable behaviour though, where if you're just normally linking to a title that happen to have gotten renamed, that it won't follow the redirect.