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Create a Lua infobox template for books that use wikidata metadata based on work/edition
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Many Wikipedias use template:Infobox book that contains metadata

However this is stored on wiki, and not on wikidata. Ideally a new template should use the work/edition distinction and fetch the data from Wikidata, according to the fields defined on

Ideally this data should also be used by Wikisource and eventually by Commons.

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The current lua modules can call the pertinent data into templates, so not understanding why another module makes a difference, or improvement.

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I believe this is nothing the Wikidata team can do at the moment. Can you please edit and clarify the description?

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@Micru: This task is not invalid ("when the problem is not a bug, or when it is a change that is outside the power of the component's developers") until there are specific reasons provided.

thiemowmde closed this task as Invalid.Apr 24 2019, 1:00 PM
  • It was the author of this task who closed it.
  • The task description was not very specific and actionable to begin with.
  • This is something the Wikisource community can better manage on-wiki. I don't think they need this ticket to be able to do what the task asks for.
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