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Confusion between Wikidata rank and value switches
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I made tens of thousands edits in Wikidata, I understand the semantics of both switch icons, but every time when I need to change one of them, I have to hang out for a second to choose which one. It's very, very annoying.

This is because that they both look like a set of empty and filled rectangles.

Скриншот 2016-03-06 18.31.52.png (106×354 px, 9 KB)

I do not have good ideas what to do with the value switch, so I can offer only the idea for priority switch (this is just a draft, I think that there is no need to be tied to the pixel grid, and it is possible to draw it more nice).

ui-icon-rankselector-arrow.png (20×83 px, 374 B)

ui-icon-rankselector-arrow3.png (20×83 px, 435 B)

Even if it will not look as nice as the squares, it will be exactly look more clear and accessibly.

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The second try, without rectangles at all. Retina and normal versions:

ui-icon-rankselector-arrow5-retina.png (40×166 px, 785 B)

ui-icon-rankselector-arrow5.png (20×83 px, 629 B)

UPD: Or little different version.

ui-icon-rankselector-arrow6-retina.png (40×166 px, 855 B)

Change 283965 had a related patch set uploaded (by Thiemo Mättig (WMDE)):
Replace rank selector icon with wider SVG image

Change 283965 merged by jenkins-bot:
Replace rank selector icon with wider SVG image

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Thanks a lot for the very helpful suggestions. Very much appreciated. We picked what we found is the best of all your drafts and redid both icons in SVG, resized and realigned them.

wikidata-svg-icons-rank-snak-type.png (196×438 px, 2 KB)

Old on the left vs. new on the right. Normal resolution on top, double resolution on the bottom.