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Experiment with “user interaction” consultation
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For 4 weeks, the page here: will host a gathering ideas from both readers and editors around the theme of "making Wikipedia interactive".


  • Promote the page
  • Monitor the discussion
  • Solicit ideas
  • Document and evaluate experiment

Measurements of success

This task is a Technical Collaboration team quarterly goal. Its measurements of success agreed are:

  • Gather proposals from readers and editors around how to make Wikipedia more interactive, using a new interface.
  • Document gathered solutions, lessons learned, and next steps.

Update: Documentation is here

Event Timeline

Qgil triaged this task as Medium priority.
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Just reflecting the current status.

Qgil renamed this task from [Goal] Mentor a consultation that involves both readers and editors to Experiment with “user interaction” consultation.Apr 6 2016, 8:40 AM
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"making Wikipedia interactive"

What does this mean? Wikipedia is the flag of web 2.0, it's pretty much the definition of interactivity.

Ciao @Nemo_bis , of course, Wikipedia, by definition, is interaction. The page explains it better as in making it more interactive for readers, with a criteria of interactivity of how people interact with content and with each other. You didn't contribute or add comments to suggestions on this page if I recall, no?

No pages link to your documentation page, and therefore it will be very hard to find. Can you fix this and then resolve this task, please?