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Cancel button is sometimes missing in the Cite dialog
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Steps to reproduce (perhaps unless you're James F):

  1. Open a page in VisualEditor at a Citoid-enabled wiki.
  2. Click somewhere in the text.
  3. Click the Cite button in the toolbar
  4. Switch to Manual/Re-Use, then close
  5. Click the Cite button again

# Check: Which tab did you get?
#* If it's either 'Manual' or 'Re-use', then where's the Cancel button?
#* If it's 'Automatic', then click on one of the others and repeat from Step 2.

If the Cancel button is missing, and you click back to the Automatic tab, then it reappears, and stays in place even when you go back to one of the other tabs.

Reproducible in Firefox/Ubuntu and Safari 9/Mac OS 10.10.5

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FYI the tab you get is the last one you had open

Change 280179 had a related patch set uploaded (by Esanders):
VE: Only pass process panel name when mode=auto

Change 280179 merged by jenkins-bot:
VE: Only pass process panel name when mode=auto