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Special:OATH QR-code mangles accents
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My wikitech username is Gergő Tisza. After enabling 2FA and scanning the barcode with Google Authenticator, the label of the new code generator is Wikitech:GergQ Tisza. ő (Unicode 0x151) -> Q (0x51) is a common distortion when trying to store the Unicode code point for ő on a single byte.

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High priority as it results in a poor user experience and may infer bias.

I will check it out, although there's a strong possibility this was another bug caused by the lack of URI encoding. I will investigate and report back here.

@Tgr I just tested this and it appears to be fixed with the addition of URI encoding. Can you verify and close this ticket if you're no longer encountering a problem?

Tgr claimed this task.

Confirmed, thanks!