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create template and structure for content
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define a structure for the new content to be created and create a template for it to be used on all the associated pages

  • step by step tutorial for starters
  • further ressources, linking to existing detailed pages

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Proposed initial structure (as a basis for discussion):
Getting started

  • Create
  • Configure
  • Localize
  • Accessing objects
  • Database access
  • Publish


  • Tag extensions
  • Parser functions
  • Hooks
  • Special pages
  • Magic words
  • User rights
  • Authentication
  • ResourceLoader
  • Caching
  • ContentHandler
  • API

@Aklapper @Mglaser @80686
I have a few questions regarding this task: currently serves as a beginner guide and needs to be updated as per T156568. Would that be sufficient? If not, any suggestions on what else can be included?

I’d like to confirm if this task refers to restructuring the contents of
Also, could you please elaborate on the template and associated pages mentioned in the description?

@Pavithraes: In my understanding this task is about defining a template based workflow for new extension homepages on , potentially by using MWStew, and then updating the two wiki pages that you mentioned accordingly. Also see parent task T131690 . Someone feel free to correct me if I misunderstood.