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Specific Thumbnail generation for TIF file not working anymore
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Since an unknown date, the thumbnail generation for an .tif file on Commons is no longer working. The file:
It was working at least 1.5 years ago when I was editing the file description. The file is still in use in the german article. Currently the usage in enWP has been replaced with its JPG equivalent:

It should be checked if only the file is broken (works with an image viewer under Windows) or if there could be other files affected.

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Downloading and using libtiff-4.0.10 to run tiffinfo -D Tessie_Reynolds_02.tif, I get:

TIFFFetchDirectory: Can not read TIFF directory count.
TIFFReadCustomDirectory: Failed to read custom directory at offset 4048276.

Successfully opening the file with gimp-2.10.8 I get a warning:

** (file-tiff:10145): CRITICAL **: 18:06:03.085: Directory Image, entry 0x8769 Sub-IFD pointer 0 is out of bounds; ignoring it.

Is it same issue?

In Arabic Wikipedia article

In Commons

But working in other wikis?