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Allow bureaucrats instead of sysops to add/remove users to/from interface editor group on ur.wikipedia
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During T133472 handling, a concern has been expressed about who could grant the editinterface right.

This right, with editcss and editjs allow to edit the messages interface, CSS and JS files, and so inject harmful or privacy-risky content. Some users have expressed in T85713 the opinion the edit interface part is probably the part of administrator right requiring the most trust capital from the community.

We would so like this right to be granted by bureaucrats (or, on wiki without bureaucrats, by stewards). This implies to revisit T120348.

@MuhammadShuaib Could you run a discussion on ur.wikipedia explaining these arguments and see if there is a consensus to reconfigure the right so bureaucrat instead of sysops could add users to the edit interface group.

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Change 285209 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dereckson):
Reconfigure interface editor group on ur.wikipedia

I've prepared the patch so we have a sound base for discussion and something to review.

[Not sure why the opinion of an ex-steward is sought, however, it is.]

Firstly, nothing should be done without a community consensus.

Re the right, it is a standard part of adminship that they can edit Mediawiki; and User: nss, so it seems unusual that it is wanted to be restricted, especially when the global sysops will retain that right, along with stewards. So the request seems a little short-sighted. I don't see that the urWP community is any different from any other of the 700+ wikis and would require such a base change.

It does not seem to me to be the right needs to be restricted from the default and universal designation of the set of rights, ie. we should not really be further reallocating the basic premises of adminship, and bureaucratship. The respective roles of

are defined and specific.

If there are concerns about certain people not having the skill to edit these namespaces with those roles, then they should not be given the rights [the theory of self-regulation has been what has been imposed with candidate selection at other sites for those uncertain of their skills, they simply don't edit. All admins need to know to act within their skill set.].

To me it seems that it would be better to work out what roles you are looking to have, and have these specifically created, and and have those roles managed on community by a combination of admins and crats. For example, if you want a deletion role, create that role, and create the rules for how people are given that right, and by whom.

In short, it doesn't seem to me to be a progressive, or a necessary step in wiki adminship. There are better ways rather than changing the expected and accepted roles of administrators.

Dereckson renamed this task from Allow bureaucrats instead of sysops to add/remove users to/from interface editor right on ur.wikipedia to Allow bureaucrats instead of sysops to add/remove users to/from interface editor group on ur.wikipedia.Apr 26 2016, 10:51 AM
Dereckson updated the task description. (Show Details)

So Billinghust answered to the hypothetical and strange case "remove the editinterface right from admins", which is of course not what we want to do. I've rewritten the title and the description to clarify the matter:

  • Admins will retain the editinterface right, new admins will have it, nothing change there
  • Any person currently in the interface editors group will retain the editinterface right
  • Bureaucrats will be able to add users to this group, remove users from this group
  • Sysops won't be able anymore to add users to this group or remove users from this group

I agree with this. Editting the MediaWiki interface is a sensitive permission and on cases where this has been granted we empowered bureaucrats (and stewards) to do so with exclusivity. So let's change the "power" to assign users from sysops to bureaucrats, leaving the other stuff untouched :)

It seems there's agreement for the change, but the your patch can't be merged as it needs manual rebase.

Dereckson raised the priority of this task from Low to Medium.Dec 11 2016, 11:43 PM

Change 285209 merged by jenkins-bot:
Reconfigure interface editor group on ur.wikipedia