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Mark changes to non-local signature section as minor
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It doesn't really make sense to post all changes about an item to the local wikis recent changes. It should somehow be possible to turn them on, but still be possible to filter them out.

I would suggest that all changes to the signature section (label, description, aliases) of non-local wikis be marked as minor on the local wiki.

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One of the reasons watching Wikidata from the client was implemented for counter-vandalism purposes.

How does this change aid that goal? Minor edits are deliberately less noticeable.

Additionally, I doubt that all communities would accept these edits as minor.

If I'm at nowiki then edits of the signature section in Turkish and sitelinks to trwiki is only noise. I want to see changes that will have effect on nowiki, not what might have an effect on trwiki.

This is not about making edits that has an effect on nowiki less noticeable, it is about reducing noise so the edits that is important becomes more visible. Now users turns off Wikidata on their watchlist because it creates to much noise.

Yes, I was looking for that. I was quite confident that I had seen it before.
Still, a more than one year old high priority task, that does not sound good…

Any progress? I have turned wikidata off on recent changes.

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Fine-grained usage tracking is being rolled out to wikis now and then this will become obsolete.