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Display captions when a video is played inline
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User reports that video captions are not displayed in either Chrome or Firefox. The video does have captions, they are just not displayed. Full transcript below (posted with permission of the user)

10:24:59 → MagentaQuetzal50 joined (<REDACTED>)
10:25:00 <+Helpmebot> Hi there, MagentaQuetzal50. Welcome to the English Wikipedia help channel! Please click on the white rectangular box at the bottom of your screen and you can ask your question. Replies could take several minutes. If you are asking about a particular page, please provide a link and/or your on-wiki username to make it easier for our volunteers to assist you. Please do not give your e-mail or password to anyone in this chat.
10:26:21 <MagentaQuetzal50> Why can't you view captions for videos on Wikipedia itself? For example, the video here does have captions, but if you click on it, regardless of what you choose in the new dialog/windowthat it starts playing in, it won't show the captions.
10:26:50 <+Matthew_> MagentaQuetzal50: What browser are you using?
10:27:02 <MagentaQuetzal50> Matthew_: Firefox.
10:27:12 <MagentaQuetzal50> I'll check in Chrome.
10:27:31 <+Matthew_> Please do.
10:27:47 <MagentaQuetzal50> Matthew_: Same thing.
10:28:12 <MagentaQuetzal50> The same goes for the File: page, ie this
10:28:19 <+Matthew_> Hm. I'm not sure then. Sounds like a technical issue, let me check the bug tracker.
10:28:25 <MagentaQuetzal50> You have to click on the tab "View on Commons"
10:28:35 <MagentaQuetzal50> And then they'll be displayed fine.
10:29:45 <+Matthew_> Hm. Let me see.
10:30:22 <+Matthew_> Do you have an on-wiki username?
10:30:46 <+Matthew_> And do you mind if I include this conversation in the bug report?
10:32:42 <MagentaQuetzal50> I don't mind you including the conversation. And I do have an on-wiki username. It's "Srdjan m". I also have that IRC nick, but since I forgot the password, I couldn't be arsed to reset it just for this.
10:33:12 <+Matthew_> MagentaQuetzal50: That's fine. I'll include your name in case they need more information from you, they'll probably post on your talk page.
10:33:40 <+Matthew_> Give me two ticks.

More information can be requested from user "Srdjan m" on the English Wikipedia.

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Confirmed, just happened to me.

Yeah i looked at it a bit last week, but i'm not entirely sure what is causing this. Basically, unless commons files count as 'local' in our setup, this shouldn't be happening as far as I understand..

Unfortunately i was out of time again.. This might take a while, i currently have about 2 hours a week available for wiki stuff.