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Document symbols in translation suggestion page
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There are asterisks and X-shaped symbols in the translation suggestion page, one pair per entry. What do they symbolize? There is no mouse over hint not are they self-explanatory in any way.

Proposed solution

Add the following tooltips to the following icon-based actions:

  • Star: "Keep for later"
  • X: "Discard"

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Hi @Purodha and @Amire80, I want to work on this, but couldn't find the symbols now. Have they been documented already? Can you provide a link to the page?
Thanks :)

Hi @MaroonPixel,

To see this:

  1. Go to
  2. You may be asked to enable the Content Translation beta feature. Do it. ("Try it now!")
  3. When the "Translations" dashboard is opened, click the "Suggestions" button at the top.
  4. Examine the rows under "Suggested pages". Each of them has a star icon and an X icon in the right-hand end.

The Content Translation extension is now undergoing major rewrite. The currently deployed code is Content Translation version 1, also known as CX1. The new version will be CX2 and it can already be tested by adding version=2 to the end of the URL in #1. Fixing CX1 bugs is no longer relevant, but I see that this issue applies also to CX2. It may be a good idea to add tooltips to the star and the X, but I leave it to @Pginer-WMF to decide whether they actually should be there.


Screenshot_2018-09-19 Translate page - Note This utility is currently restricted to extended confirmed editors on the Engli[...].png (1×1 px, 211 KB)

The icons in question don't have tooltips.

During user research, the symbols used seemed intuitive to users since they are common in many apps. In any case, adding a tooltip text can be useful to add some extra confidence in case users are hesitant to try these actions. I'd propose the following tooltips:

  • Star: "Keep for later"
  • X: "Discard"

I'll edit the ticket description for these not to get lost into the comments.

Pginer-WMF renamed this task from Please document symbols in translation suggestion page to Document symbols in translation suggestion page.Sep 19 2018, 9:49 AM
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keep for later (2).png (879×1 px, 126 KB)

discard (2).png (904×1 px, 126 KB)

data-toggle="tooltip" title="Keep for later"
data-toggle="tooltip" title="Discard"

Adding the above in the span used for the symbols worked for me. @Purodha hope this solves the issue.