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Table row from a template wrongly made editable
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  2. Focus on a row in the table in section "Basic". For example, the one for "Khan Academy". Note that there is a "template" icon in the first row of the table. It doesn't seem to have any label and is not editable. Ignore for now.
  3. On the selected row, you can change text in table cells, and also move the table row up and down. Do so.
  4. Try to save the page


"Could not start the review because your revision matches the latest version of this page."

The changes were ignored. Which makes sense as they should not have been possible.

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This still happens, although now the page "successfully" saves with no changes made rather than giving you an error. It seems like an edge case, though.

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This happened to me too, on our chapter wiki. The table in question is at Editing with visual editor, the user (in this case me) gets the impression that they have added something in the table when in fact they haven't. There is no warning that nothing has changed, so you're likely to miss it. Also, if you do review changes, the wikitext diff shows no changes, but the visual diff includes the changes that was made.

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