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Enable patrolling and create patroller group on huwiki
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Please change the following on the Hungarian Wikipedia:

  • enable recent changes patrolling
  • create a new "patroller" user group
  • give bureaucrats the ability to add and remove group members
  • give patrol, autopatrol and rollback rights to members of the group

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Severity: enhancement



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Have these software configuration changes been discussed in the community. A link would suffice. Thanks

jeluf wrote:


'groupOverrides' => array(

'huwiki' => array(
	'patroller' => array( 'patrol' => true, 'autopatrol' => true, 'rollback' => true ),


'wgAddGroups' => array(
'huwiki' => array(

		'bureaucrat' => array( 'sysop', 'bureaucrat', 'bot', 'patroller' ),


'wgRemoveGroups' => array(
'huwiki' => array(

		'bureaucrat' => array( 'bot', 'patroller' ),


jeluf wrote:

Forgot to mention:

wgUseRCPatrol has been set to true.