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BiDi problem (interfering of field content) at « special:Renameuser »
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Author: gangleri

screen dump BiDi issue at special:Renameuser · 01.jpg

Dear friends,

we have experienced a lot of BiDi fields overlapping / interfering and many have helped in the past.

The attachment shows that depending of the random content of the fields in specual pages the order of the information is not preserved as would be the case if such lists would be displayed in a tabuler form.

Please take a look at
where the content is
&lrm;<span style="direction: ltr; {{{optional_style|}}}" >{{{ril|parameter « ril » not defined}}}</span>&lrm;

« ril » is an abreviation for RTL (right to left text) inside a LTR (left to right) text.

if only RTL characters are assigned to the parameter « ril » these cherecters will (as far as I have experienced) never ever be dispayed outside of the block (here the span).

Example: compare uselang=foo at

the counterpart is available at
where the content is
&rlm;<span style="direction: rtl; {{{optional_style|}}}" >{{{lir|parameter « lir » not defined}}}</span>&rlm;

The concept is quite old, see

Best regards Reinhardt [[user:Gangleri]]

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Severity: normal


screen_dump_BiDi_issue_at_special:Renameuser_·_01.jpg (838×964 px, 185 KB)



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this can't happen anymore b/c of SUL. but bug #6100 and table-ized layout would help.