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Receive notifications when files you have uploaded are used somewhere (#12)
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Survey: 2015

Original wish (German):
"Benachrichtigung über die Einbindung selbst hochgeladener Fotos"

Update sites on-wiki:

Same wish in international discussion:
T77154: Notification: Your file was used
The wish was also wish #25 of the international Community Wishlist Survey 2016

Scoping by the TCB team:
not fully done yet, however:

  • current assumption is that files may lie on commons or on other wikis
  • we need to make sure that this does not result in "legacy notifications"
  • the discussion of the wish specifies both a notification for the addition and the removal of files in an article
  • in the discussion (and the voting) there is also a call for the ability to disable/enable the notification on a per file basis, but most likely we will not be able to provide that