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Typing "=" at start of headline should increase level
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In VE you can type "==" at the start of a paragraph to start a level-2-headline. It would be nice if typing "=" at the start of a level-2-headline would change it into a level-3-headline and so on. This would allow to type "===" to create a level-3-headline, just like in wikitext (the first 2 = create a level-2-headline, the third = would change it into level 3).
As a headline shouldn't start with an equal sign, this automatism shouldn't affect "normal" VE editing (i.e. by users who don't know or care about the wikitext syntax).

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Change 313236 had a related patch set uploaded (by Esanders):
Add wikitext sequences for lower heading levels

Change 313236 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add wikitext sequences for lower heading levels

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