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Allow for individual wiki's to disable cross-wiki search results
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In some cases the cross-wiki search results from other projects may not be desirable. A technical shortcoming could provide low-quality results or a community could come to concuss that the results are not wanted. This is a task/reminder to allow for this case as we develop the feature.

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If the scope of this ticket is limited to language identification and doesn't include cross-project searching in the same language, as it seems to be, then this is the current state of affairs.

Here's a link to the config we updated to enable language identification for the Russian, Japanese, and Portuguese Wikipedias. We have to specify which languages to consider, and set "wmgCirrusSearchEnableAltLanguage" to true for each wiki.

It would only be a matter of setting that config to 'false' (or removing the config so it took the default value of 'false') to disable the feature if it was performing very poorly for any given wiki. Does that suffice?

This is for the cross-wiki search results. Perhaps I've associated it to the wrong task. :(

The intent is to make sure we don't get in a situation where a community says, "Eh, this isn't working for us and there's no way to improve it" and we don't have a course of action.

It's also to make sure we have something to point to that say we did consider community wishes and took them into consideration during development.

We have to be careful with "cross-wiki" because it's ambiguous. I try to say cross-language (same project) and cross-project (same language). For cross-project, this is the wrong epic.

To me, this should better be user controlable...