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Null edit in BoardMover doesn't work
Open, Needs TriagePublic


This was added by @EBernhardson in rEFLW277c76fb36b1: Allow moving flow boards. I think the intended purpose is to update content that depends on the board title (e.g. magic words, or self-links being bold if the latter worked in Parsoid).

But it doesn't work now for two reasons:

  1. setNextContent checks whether the (HTML in this case) content changed. If not, it doesn't even call setContent (if it did, setContent would round-trip it, which could still cause different HTML).
  2. newNextRevision also calls hasSameContentAs, which is now based on wikitext. For the purpose of this, it's not even expected the wikitext might be different.

We probably need a way to force an edit here even if it's the same wikitext, similarly to how normal page moves show up in page history.