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Add "Jump to first error/warning" buttons on the "Details" step
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When there is a problem with the uploads, we display error/warning messages next to each field, and also a short summary at the bottom next to the "Next" button, like:

  • "There are 2 errors with the form above. Correct the errors, and try submitting again."
  • "There is one warning with the form above. We recommend correcting it before continuing."

Clicking "Next" will also scroll up to the location of the top-most error or warning. This is somewhat annoying and not very helpful, since it doesn't put focus on the field, and in case of warnings there's a message box popping up that obscures everything.

So I think we should remove the current scrolling behavior, and instead add buttons like "Jump to first error" and Jump to first warning" after these summaries. Clicking them would scroll up and focus the problematic field.

Screenshot for reference:

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