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Create previous/next chapter navigation template for Esperanto wikiversity
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It would be great to have a style which well integrate with Vector.

I tried to copy the style of the French Commons upload button on the main page, but I don't know how to avoid the application of the link style, so the text appear blue instead of the desired white. Could someone in the design team help with this ?

In fact, on this page the "previous" element do have the right text color, but not the "next" one. But I can't find why. Does anyone have an idea?

Well, finally it seems very depend of the content provided to the template. On this page it's the "next" which is white, while on this one no text is white colored.

Obviously their are some template parameter passing subtlety that I'm not aware of.

I was wrong in my previous analyze, I just mismatched the linked page with current page, so the text was white because it was not a link.

Ok, thanks to this page I understood that one have to put the styled span right on the label, within the internal link. So now, I do have white text, but on hover text is sill underlined in blue. As far as I know there no way to make a :hover with inline css. I will check if I can find a class which just remove underline when hovered.

Psychoslave claimed this task.

Ok, that's done, thanks to class="nounderlines".