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Add variable to show the topmost level in the tree of subpages
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Author: misza

Please create an equivalent of {{BASEPAGENAME}} that cuts not only the last level of a page's name but all the way up to the "ground" level.

For example, on page [[User talk:Example/Archives/2008/January]]:

  • {{BASEPAGENAME}} returns "Example/Archives/2008"
  • proposed {{REALBASEPAGENAME}} (or whatever you name it) returns just "Example"

(Don't forget the URL-friendly {{REALBASEPAGENAMEE}}.)

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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misza wrote:

Implemented in r30413.

Unfortunately reverted in r30547.

  • Bug 14026 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

londenp wrote:

Thanks for that solution with titleparts: that works. I have added this to

fantasy wrote:

{{ROOTPAGENAME}} would be great! Please?

Is a {{ROOTPAGENAME}} still necessary if #titleparts does this?

Would be easier to remember {{ROOTPAGENAME}}...

Ok, how about we restore r30413 but without the extra PARENTPAGENAME alias?

misza wrote:

How about we add ParserFunctions to core? ;)

Any chance of getting this one done? ;P

Seeing as its quite easy

fantasy wrote:

You mean that this still hasn't been added yet? :O

There is a template on Wikipedia that could use {{ROOTPAGENAME}}, so please do this.

Titleparts has been available for how long now, what is the problem?

I suspect the bug being open/people not knowing about it...

For peoples info...

So, its whether people accept that as a solution (fine if the wiki has parser functions), or if something should still go in core...

*** Bug 23861 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

See also:

  • [[Extension:BookManager#Variables]]
  • [[Template:ROOTPAGENAME]]

(In reply to comment #17)

  • [[Extension:BookManager#Variables]]

Uops... I mean [[mw:Extension:BookManager#Variables]].

Danny_B claimed this task.

{{ROOTPAGENAME}} works nowadays.