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Mediawiki extensions to reach the next billion
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Type of activity: "Unconference session"
Main topic:

The problem

India presents both challenges and opportunities for the constantly evolving Wikimedia projects. Mediawiki can be leveraged with extensions to reach out to even farther communities that need help with technology to either get started or build projects.

For instance, languages like Meitei, Konkani and many others in India are keyed in with multiple scripts and the issue of which one to use can get tricky with cultural and regional implications. Technology or extensions on mediawiki can actually help provide methods to transliterate (as was done on Serbian wiki) and solve this issue. Here, not just transliteration, but intelligent replacement or to-and-fro parsing may be required for certain words or usage. There could be a machine learning aspect as well that needs to be explored.

Expected outcome

Discussion on existing problems that many Indian language projects face. Identifying solutions and means to address the problems.

Current status of the discussion


Event Timeline

Hi @HPN, thanks for taking the time to create this proposal!
Could you elaborate on the description of the problem, and how and why this is related to MediaWiki extensions? More details very welcome! :) Thanks!

@Aklapper Andre, I've updated it. Hope the addition gives more information. If not, let me know and I can elaborate it more.

I removed the project since this does not seem to be related to the MediaWiki core i18n code.

Discussion on existing problems that many Indian language projects face

This specific topic does not match the summary of this task much; you may want to use this as summary instead. There were dozens of events and discussions on Indian projects in the past, so you may want to focus on that and make sure you link/read/summarise the past discussions as well as involve the interested people.

Please remember the next deadline in the selection process:

2016-11-14: Deadline for defining a good problem statement, expectations, and links to relevant resources.

That is next Monday.

I will tentatively mark this proposal as declined. @HPN or anyone else can reopen it if you want to run an Unconference session at the Summit.