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Glossaries, pronunciations, and dictionaries
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Type of activity: Pre-scheduled session.
Main topic: Handling wiki content beyond plaintext

The problem

In wikis using LanguageConverter to transliterate between different scripts, it is necessary to associate one or more "glossaries" (T484) to give the transliteration of various article-specific terms. For example, articles on movies will include the "Movie" glossary which gives localized titles for films and actors.

Pediaphon is a contribution to WikiProject:Spoken Wikipedia which uses speech synthesis to make Wikipedia articles accessible to visually-impaired users. It could benefit from a "glossary" mechanism which associated topic-specific pronunciations to articles.

A future extension of the Content Translation service would use machine translation to assist in keeping translated articles up-to-date as the source document was modified. It could also use a "glossary" that gave translations and other semantic information for topic-specific words. "fence" in the "crime" glossary would have a different translation than "fence" in the "landscaping" (or default?) glossary.

Perhaps we can come up with a general mechanism that would allow us to serve these use cases.

Expected outcome

Further development of T484 with an eye to uses beyond Language Converter. Collection of additional use cases. Nailing down the implementation details to back this functionality.

Current status of the discussion

T484 has been stalled for a while, but is about to become active again as Parsoid and Visual Editor implement support for language variants. This makes it an opportune time to bring this topic out of cold storage and try to build some consensus on the problem area and solution space.


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