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On multilinguage instances like beta.wikiversity, one should be able to define the main language for the content of the current page
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This have an impact in term of accessibility, as user-side software will rely on this metadata to render the page content.

Also, server side, some special features like {{formatnum:123345.678}} depends on the locale of the content.

One may wrap the whole wikitext in a div with the good lang attribute, but this is not very user-friendly. Also for the case of beta.wikiversity, most pages are –hopefully– intended to end up on a specific language domain. Sure you can plane that in migration process, but not having to would be preferable.

One possibility would be to use categories to indicate the main language of a page.

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This feature already exists (Special:PageLanguage), but it's disabled on Wikimedia wikis. It could be enabled with $wgPageLanguageUseDB = true. This is blocked on T69223 though.

Ok @matmarex, thank you for the hint. That's huge thread, and it seems to already attract enough human resources. I will let it be for now and concentrate on other tasks. Feel free to contact me if you think my contribution on this point could bring anything useful at some point.