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Request feature: Subpages of Shortcuts
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Author: soxred93

On pretty much all the Wikimedia wikis, there are shortcuts set up in the project namespace. I use these a lot, and I find it convenient. However, I do not find it convenient that if you want to reach a subpage of the redirect's tsrget, you have to type out the full name. For example, if you want to reach Requests for Adminship, you type WP:RFA. But let's say you want to reach a certain RfA. It would make sense to type WP:RFA/Foo, but that redirects you to the actual page. To get to the page you want, you have to type out the full title. If this was changed, reaching subpages would be a whole lot easier.



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ksamudra wrote:

A simpler solution for this will be to automatically list subpages on the main page. Also this will be helpful for user subpages. A workaround will be to generate a template listing all subpages of the mainpage.



soxred93 wrote:

An example of what I mean is for example, Wikipedia:RFA/User. Since there are many RfAs, a subpage list would not be feasible.

I actually kind of like the idea of being able to resolve redirects through a subpage parent. Probably worth double-checking that it wouldn't have weird horrible impacts on things that always look for an exact redirect path (eg that the pages must exist).

Yet another one of the features I thought of working on, but ended up on the backburner.

I believe there is a hook that could make this possible?

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