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Have a Special:Randombook, or similar, that only returns top-level pages
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Author: wknight8111

en.wikibooks in particular, but other sites as well, have a problem because our pages are not all top-level pages, but are instead arranged hierarchically. En.wikibooks may have pages arranged into books such as "MyBook/MyPage", or en.wikiversity may have "MyCourse/MyPage", en.wikisource may have "MySource/MyPage", etc. Special:Random returns any random page, which may be inside a larger book. I would like, and several other people have expressed a similar desire, to see a variant of Special:Random that would only return top-level pages (ie, pages with no "/" in the title). For instance, "Special:Randomrootpage" would be a generic way to label it, or something similar.

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As this is only needed for wikis which follow the subpage hierarchy, I think it will be more appropriate to add this feature as an extension, not in the core. I'll try to write the extension as soon as I can.

I created the first version of the extension and uploaded it to:

After a review by main developers, it may be installed to Wikibooks for the prupose you asked here. I'm marking this bug as fixed, because there is a solution available for it now.

wknight8111 wrote:

Wow, that's fantasically awesome! We've been talking about this for so long, and I was expecting a bug report to add a few more weeks to the process. You're wonderful Huji!

Heh, thanks for the complements. I'm glad I've helped. If you want help with the rest of the way, you can contact me by email.

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